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Welcome to Mendeley Data

Welcome to Mendeley Data, the general-purpose data repository recommended by the University of Canberra to its researchers.

To discover data published by the Institution's researchers, view University of Canberra's Research Data Showcase.

Quick and easy file upload of any type

Your experimental research data will have a permanent home on the web that you can refer to.

Make your research data citable

DOIs and versioning following Force11 guidelines

Share your data privately

You have full control over who can see and download your research data.

Long term preservation of your research data

We have teamed up with DANS (Data Archiving and Networked Services) to ensure that your research data will stand the test of time.

How to Register?

Please use your university e-mail address during the registration so Mendeley Data can recognise you as a member of the University of Canberra.

If you already have a Mendeley account with a different email address you can change it on your profile settings page to your university email address. Soon you will be able to log in using your university login details.

How to Deposit?

When you deposit data in Mendeley Data (or any other repository), you should include descriptive metadata which will make it as easy as possible for other researchers to find, understand or re-use your data.

The metadata should provide as full a description of the dataset as is necessary for users to understand what research data exists, including why and how data were generated, and how to access it. The more additional fields you fill in, the richer the description for the end user and search engines, and the more likely your data will be discovered and used.

When filling in your metadata, make sure you select “University of Canberra”, or your particular school/faculty, in the Institutions field.

Choosing a Copyright License

You will also need to provide a copyright license for your data to provide clear guidance to users of your data as to what they can do with it. When you deposit data in Mendeley Data, you can choose from the following Creative Commons licences.

There are also a range of software and hardware licenses (MIT, Apache etc.) that you can use if you are depositing software source code. The details of all of these license options are provided within Mendeley Data.

The Digital Curation Centre has produced a guide on How to License Research Data.

How to Get Help

If there is a problem with a dataset which you have deposited in Mendeley Data or a problem with the platform, please contact Elsevier's Mendeley Data support team by visiting the Mendeley Support Center. The team aims to turn most support enquiries around within 1 business day, although in some instances this could be 2-3 business days.