Signs of Democracy (adjectival modifications of the English noun 'democracy')

Published: 30 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/pthgd7rx92.1
Jean-Paul Gagnon


A database of real existing adjectives that have been used to describe the noun democracy. Each individual description points to a distinctive archive that might be one publication or several hundred thousand publications large. It is in these archives where the meaning—or meanings—of a description can be found.


Steps to reproduce

This dataset was built by a community of scholars from 2010 to present. The method was simply to record adjectives (wherever they are encountered, in written form, in the world) that have been used in pre-nominal or post-nominal positions to modify the noun "democracy". A new version will be released once 4,000 entries is reached.


University of Canberra


Business, Government & Law Office


Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences