Australian HCP Acceptance of SIV March 23

Published: 13 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gkjfkrzrs7.1


The aim of this qualitative research was to understand the attitudes and behaviours, enablers and barriers of Seasonal Influenza Vaccination among Australian healthcare personnel (HCP-nurses, midwives, doctors and pharmacists) in the context of Covid 19. Utilising a question guide underpinned by the Triandis Theory of Interpersonal Behaviour, and an Intergrative Review, we conducted 14 semi-structured interviews with Australian HCP. Application of Braun and Clarke’s reflective thematic analysis facilitated the identification and exploration of 6 pertinent themes. Most significantly professional responsibility and identity appeared highly associated with positive vaccine intention. Protection particularly of others, habit, risk perception, experience and knowledge, and convenience and ease of access were also found to influence HCP decision making around SIV. Vaccination complacency, not hesitancy, was found to impede the progress of vaccination intention (acceptance) to vaccine behaviours (uptake). Interventions targeting professional identity and social norms may overcome vaccine complacency to nudge vaccination intention to vaccination positive behaviour.



University of Canberra


Faculty of Health


Infectious Disease, Public Health, Disease Prevention